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We all know about “it” and cannot help hearing about “it” right now, and both the social media and new outlets are flooded with both factual and non-factual information, hearsay and opinion. So let’s instead talk about important things:

1. Riding Your Dirt Bike

There is absolutely no better time to be in the great outdoors. Australia is incredibly lucky to have arguably the best land in the world to enjoy the outdoors in, and more people need to embrace the incredible outdoor lifestyle on offer. Everyone is well aware of the restrictions for outdoor events with over 500 people, and the motorcycling industry has unfortunately had a few canned for the moment, but it isn’t stopping anyone grabbing a group of their mates, heading out bush, and getting an epic ride out in some of the best conditions we’ve had for a while.

2. Riding Your Road Bike

There are no fuel shortages, and there are less people on the roads currently! Pull the road bike out of the garage, fire her up and get on it. Not only will you enjoy the time for your mind (away from the screen), but you will also be able to travel out to areas which have struggled over the past couple of months, support the small businesses in those areas, and keep them open for when the hysteria stops.

3. Go Bush with your Polaris ORV and get Hunting

Hunting season is around the corner, the weather is cooling off, the rain has started, and that means the pests are breeding up. There are plenty of properties and farmers out there who are just starting to get their feed to grow back, and they need it saved for their stock, not for other animals to be eating on them. These communities are also just as desperate for business since the downturns they have experienced with the drought, so travelling through and dropping some cash in these towns is greatly appreciated by the locals.

4. Spend Some Money in Your Local Motorbike Store!

Whether the ‘Rona is around or not, it is riding season – national parks and state forests are reopening after the fires, the flood waters have subsided, as has the dust. Your local bike shop is 90% likely to be a small, family run business, who just wants to keep the doors open, and their customers happily riding their vehicles. Now is the time to drop in, pick up a new set of tyres, or the spare parts you’ve been looking to grab, book the bike into the workshop to give it a freshen up and have it come back ready for the Easter long weekend. Both KTM and Polaris have some killer offers on their new stock and we are working some big hours to get the new bikes out to customers ASAP.

Drop into Sutto’s (or if you really are concerned, don’t – but call us on 47379566) and you’ll find a crew of people who still just can’t wait to head out for a day or a weekend on their ride, and who are really over hearing about “it”. Go bush, stay safe, and don’t let the hysteria get you down.

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