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Big benefits of ride on mowers

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Ride-on mowers used to be considered only helpful to people on acres of land. To an extent, that is true. If you have a lot of land, it's no brainer to opt for a ride-on than attempting to push a mower (which, really, on big properties you may as well get the scissors out). However, we’re finding people turning to the ride on for reasons beyond that, and it’s saving time, money and energy. So if you’re looking for reasons to convince yourself, or your partner, that it’s time to give up the push and invest in a ride-on, you’ve come to the right place. Jump on.

You’ll save time

Push mowers are touted for their precision, and for a long time this made them preferred for suburban yards. They have great precision and turn capacity so, in that sense, were quicker. However, ride-on mowers have come a long way and the clunkiness of the past is a distant memory. Mowers like the Toro MX5075 50” can take up to 25% less time than the “42 thanks to the 127cm, ten-gauge steel cutting deck that never requires going over the same spot twice. It’s also zero turn, so even for mid sized, narrow yards you can zip around easily.

Better fuel capacity

Among a ride-on mowers benefits is a greater fuel capacity so there’s no need to stop-start for fuel top ups. Given their speed, you are also not mowing for nearly as long. With that, the fuel consumption is lower over time, which in turn saves money (aside from the mower, the fuel is the biggest cost).

Easy starts

Starting your mower isn’t a hard task, but it does take a little coordination and takes some time. Ride-ons have a quick and easy key start ignition, turn it on, let it run for a few seconds and off you go. This is especially a luxury if you have a push mower currently that has a cord start - no more putting your shoulder out just to cut your grass.

Greater accessibility

Push mowers, typically, aren’t suitable for anyone with physical ailments or injuries that provide pain during and after that kind of movement. Or, worse, exacerbates injury. Ride-on mowers offer a more sustainable mowing option; the seated design and zero turn ease mean that (pending clearance from applicable medical practitioners) injuries are more supported and less irritated, and even ageing becomes less of a hurdle to taking care of your lawn. Even better, there are plenty of MyRIDE options to offer hard-core comfort with a suspended, rear shock operator platform that isolates bumps and annoying vibrations so you don't feel any of this through the rough terrain. 

It’s a whole lot easier

Not everyone loves doing the lawn. Even if you love the outcome, the actual act of mowing the lawn can be monotonous and tiring. Jumping on a ride-on is quick, easy to move, precise and, let’s face it, pretty fun.

Looking to jump on a ride-on? Sutto’s are Toro dealers in NSW and have an incredible range of industry leading Toro ride-on mowers that our knowledgeable and skilled team can help you work through. Contact us today!

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