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Get the most out of summer on a Sea-doo

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We’ve all had quite a year, and any plans for holiday destinations that would require you to board a plane have, well, flown out the window. It’s not a time to despair though. Instead, there’s a resurgent energy in the air for exploring our domestic land and taking in everything our local areas have to offer. We are lucky enough to have a natural fun park at our doorstep, and we know exactly how to make the most of it. If you’ve got a body of water, we’ve got the most fun you’ve ever had. Say hello to a Sea-Doo summer!

Benefits of having a Sea-Doo

Sea-Doos really are the best in the business, and not just because they offer a megawatt fun injection into your life the second you hit the water. Practically, they are a truly superior personal watercraft (PWC) with both their Closed Loop Cooling System (CLCS), preventing corrosive saltwater from entering the engine and Intelligent Brake and Reverse (iBR) allowing you to stop up to 48m sooner than watercraft without a brake, fitted standard to the entire Sea-Doo range. 

Sea-Doo’s house a Rotax engine which offers a high tech, low maintenance iteration of the four-stroke with an iControl system that delivers cruise control and an eco mode for improved fuel economy. 

So ok, we’ve got the adult checklist out of the way… Now, the good stuff. 

Top reasons to try a Sea-Doo this summer

We can rattle off all the specs of the Sea-Doo, but the real reason to jump on one is for the absolute fun of it, shared with friends and family. 

Your return on investment for a Sea-Doo comes in the squeal of your kids as they ride double, water flicking their face in a past time they’ll never forget, or never give up. 

It's forever Sunday on the sea in a summer holiday that saves a trying year. 

It’s reclaiming fun in 2020 in a way that connects you with nature and adventure in one hit.

The true top reasons for trying a Sea-Doo are to rev up your memory making and make it a season the kids won’t stop talking about. 

Taking care of your Sea-Doo without wrecking your summer vibe

The Sea-Doo, with its industry-leading design and durability, can last far beyond the often cited 300hour life cap (PWCs are often known for) if taken care of properly. This means not starting your PWC until you are waist deep in water, pushing off from beaching and rocking the craft before starting and thoroughly flushing your Sea-Doo after use. Feel and listen out for anything that seems off or different on the PWC. If this happens, have it checked immediately by a professional to ensure that you keep your rides safe and risk-free (both for you, and the life of the Sea-Doo). 

Reading to supercharge your next sun soaked holiday? Contact us today to start your Sea-Doo adventure. 

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