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At home DIY projects you can tackle this week

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There’s a lot of negative feelings around lockdown, and we hear ya. It’s not easy and we’re all trying to get through it as best we can. With that in mind, we’ve tried to help our mental health by focussing on the upshot of lockdown: some time to tackle those DIY jobs we always say we’re going to do but never get around to doing.

Get onto the lawn!

Ok, so you’ve had a bit of breather over winter with grass not growing too fast. You could skip a week here and there without too much damage. But we’re sorry to tell you, the weather is picking up and it’s pulling up your grass blades with it. With the combination of sunlight hours and some showers, the grass is photosynthesising sunlight (its food source) and going through growth spurts. This means far more regular mowing is required. Luckily, it can be DIY’d to professional level easily, with the right mower. We offer a range of Toro mowers that work for small yards to big properties, and guarantee a pro finish every time. 

Maintain your equipment

Whether you have a KTM, GasGas, Sea-Doo, Can-Am or any other water and powersport equipment, it’s important to keep it well maintained, even in its ‘down time’, to ensure your investment in it is long-standing. Each vehicle will have its specific set of maintenance requirements, and it’s important to get that right (click on yours above for a more detailed maintenance and servicing plan). But, there are things you can do at home that can keep your equipment up to standard.

  • Check your oil levels regularly, and change it over according to the user manual to ensure you’re using the right type for your specific model. Our Sutto’s workshop can help you during our services if need be. But checking the oil is something you can do easily, and it will really pay off for the health of your equipment. Watch our step by step video for checking your KTM oil

  • Give it a good clean. Nothing fancy. All it takes is some soapy water and a rinse and you’ll be saving it from scratches, rust, debris build-up and long-term damage. 

  • Keep battery charged (on applicable equipment). Particularly in the cold, uncharged batteries can die out and make for an extremely disappointing experience when it won’t work once you’re ready to ride again!

  • Check nuts and bolts. Give your equipment a thorough check. Just like we have to regularly check our own bodies for any issues, we’ve gotta give our vehicles a check-up. Any loose nuts or bolts need to be tightened (or loosened if they’ve been over-tightened), check engine is running ok, and that there is nothing that seems out of place. 

DIY your happy place

If you’re really missing the freedom and joy of the ride, start troubleshooting. In lockdown? Check the kms you're allowed to travel, and see if there’s somewhere close by you can ride. For land equipment, just take a moment to head out to that allowable distance and back a couple of times if you need. It’s not going to be normal for a while, but hitting the road again will help ensure the continued health of your vehicle, and the continued health of your mindset. 

Check the specific regulations around your area before taking on any outside activities, let’s get through this together. 

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