How to get the most out of your ATV or SSV this summer How to get the most out of your ATV or SSV this summer
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How to get the most out of your ATV or SSV this summer


Here’s how to stay cool and get the most out of you Can-Am this summer

Take advantage of nature’s air conditioner

The beauty of a Can-Am is its ability to get you through almost all terrain, even more than an off road bike. Use the opportunity over summer to head into denser areas of nature that offer better tree coverage. Tree canopies make their environments several degrees lower than the areas outside them, and you can essentially avoid getting hit by sun rays while still getting a hit of nature. It’s also pretty cool (pardon pun) to ride on the rougher terrain of rocks and tree roots in these areas. The Can-Am Maverick in particular has the most advanced suspension system to ever be fitted on the brand’s range, so you can really push your terrain choices to its limits. It also negates the need to splurge on vented summer protection gear (more on that later). 

Stay hydrated

When you’re riding, it’s easy to get lost in the experience and forget to stop and hydrate. It’s important in the winter, but it’s especially important in rising heat. Your body sweats more and you need to replenish. Make sure you take more breaks, or grab a Camelbak (or similar) and make sure your water bladders are full before you head out. Make sure you sip all day instead of guzzling (then you’re not needing to use a tree as a bathroom every five minutes). And look, we don’t mean to sound like your mum… But you can take water-rich snacks like watermelon, oranges and peaches. We swear, you’ll thank us for this one. Can-Ams have a variety of storage box options to suit you, so you can adjust based on how long you’re heading out, from a quick morning ride to an overnight camp-out. 

Consider the right gear

If you’re still keen to hit your favourite tracks, and they don’t have the cooling benefit of tree canopies, there are smarter ways to do it. Most top manufacturers of riding apparel will have a line of ventilated gear that is truly amazing for keeping you cool and protecting you. Check out Sutto's latest riding gear and accessories in on of our catalogues. Of course, you could just opt for lighter clothes, but that’s not going to offer you much in terms of protecting your skin and, frankly, your life. You can also buy specialised helmets that allow greater airflow without losing the safety part. The downside to this is the expense. The best ones are typically more expensive than other riding gear. The upshot though, is that you can ride in your favourite spots regardless of the elements and they are generally durable and long lasting, so a sound investment. 

Take breaks

Again, we get it if you lose track of time while riding your Can-Am. But it’s really important to take breaks to reset. Yes, you need to eat and drink, but it’s also good to just check in and make sure you’re not overheating. In fact, you need to make sure your ATV or SSV isn’t overheating either. Typically, Can-Ams are built for grit and they really can withstand most of what the elements throw at them, but they aren’t invincible if you don’t look after them. Keep an eye on your dash’s temperature gauge, and always check your coolant level is sitting just above the minimum level before you start riding. 

Ready to have a Can-Am summer? Contact us today about the range! 

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How to get the most out of your ATV or SSV this summer


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