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How to prepare your lawn for winter

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Now that the scorching sun is taking a load off over autumn and winter, we can see the damage caused by its cycle of blistering heat and summer downpours on our lawns. From dried out grass, weed growth and the ‘goat trails’ of a well-worn summer yard, our grassed areas took a beating and its time for pre-winter grass maintenance. So, what can you do to return it to its green glory, and protect it from the winter elements?

Fertilise your yard

Your poor lawn is quite the frail Frank at the moment. It needs some TLC before anything else. The best way to get it back into shape is to use a slow-release fertiliser to fortify the grass. Unlike ready soluble fertilisers, slow release of smaller amounts allows a steady ‘feed’ of nutrients to your lawn that will replenish your grass evenly and more substantially for the coming winter months. It's important to ensure evenly watering your lawn after fertilising so that the nutrients can be absorbed.

Level out ‘goat tracks’ or patches

Unintentional foot-worn tracks on your lawn are unavoidable after a string of summer BBQs and backyard cricket. While it’s a marker of great memories, it’s not great for your grass. It’s in your yard’s best interest to work on some solutions. You can either reseed the area (early autumn is great for reseeding as the steadier but slightly cooler weather is perfect for seed germination and growth), or install pavers if it’s a common walking route.

Mow the lawn at a higher level

Just like plants, grass needs the right amount of sunlight to help it grow. When grass is cut too short, it’s harder for direct sunlight to reach the blades, hindering their ability to grow lush and green. But, you also don’t want the blades getting over-grown and unkempt. Rather than just letting your grass grow wild, you can keep it manicured by adjusting mowing height with a higher blade setting. By keeping the grass a little higher, you’ll ensure it is absorbing enough sunlight for optimal growth.

Our Toro’s Lawnmowers are perfect for easily adjusting blade levels and producing a neat and well-manicured lawn. If you have a smaller yard, our Toro Personal Pace range is ideal. From models with Smartstow, so that it can be stored upright without leaking, 60V Electric options meaning mowing your lawn is quieter than ever, to electric start options meaning you never have to pull your shoulder out to get mowing, there is an option perfect for your yard.

Larger lawns and blocks of land will better benefit from the extensive range of Timecutters, which has seven cutting positions and a Smart Speed control system for trimming, towing and mowing.

The Z Masters are great for commercial lawn cutting that allows you trimming on both sides of the deck, and clippings drop in the path of the mower so you don’t end up with debris all over surrounding areas. 

Weed out the weeds

Flat and dry grass is a breeding ground for weeds, especially the bindii plant (yep, the sharp little prickers that are the minefields of suburban backyards on bare feet). It’s no fun having those around your yard, and they don’t look great. The most effective way to get rid of them is to grab a herbicide from your local nursery or hardware store.

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