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How to service a KTM


We think we’ve made it pretty clear by now, we are BIG advocates for riders to take the servicing of their vehicles as seriously as they take the riding of the vehicles. It’s not as fun as having it pinned in perfect conditions, but it is vital to keeping it going for as long as possible without significant issues that will only cost you more down the road. With that, your KTM needs your TLC, but it’s not as high maintenance as you might think, even if you’re riding regularly. Consistency is key though. Here are the specifics of how to service and maintain your KTM to keep your bike healthy, keep you safe, and won’t have your wallet crying over avoidable problems later.

KTM Motorcycle Service Times

Professional servicing is a must, but not required as frequently as some other general DIY maintenance things that we’ve listed further down. The servicing times can vary from model to model and your own personal riding habits (how often you ride, where you ride, the kind of rider you are etc). However, as a basic rule, your first service interval should be around 1000kms for a road bike, and within the first 5 hours for a dirt bike. The specific intervals for your bike ongoing can be worked out with Sutto’s at time of purchase, or with the workshop at any time and we can provide you with an approximate schedule. 

These services typically include oil and filter changes, fuel checks, coolant level checks, air filter clean/replacement, nut and bolt check, brake check and will give the whole bike a go over, seeing if it needs any repairs If you are experiencing other problems with your bike, we can book you in for a tech to diagnose and repair your bike additionally.

Suttos provide servicing with highly qualified mechanics who work on your bike as if it is their own. They’re all factory-trained technicians, and provide superior maintenance and repairs. Check out our Workshop for more info on KTM maintenance and repairs


DIY KTM Maintenance

Looking to service your own vehicle but not sure where to start? Check out our 'How To' maintenance playlist, giving the best tips to our customers on how to get started with a KTM, Can-Am or SeaDoo service. Get Started

While you certainly need professional servicing to ensure the upkeep of your KTM motorcycle, there are things you can do to keep it in tip top condition. 

Depending on the model, avoid E10 fuel – generally we recommend 98 octane fuel in all our powersports vehicles. 

Check your nuts and bolts. This is something you can do once or so a week, or before every ride if it’s longer than a week between uses, just to check that nothing is loose. You don’t want to over-torque though, or you may cause some damage. If you go too hard on the bottom bolts of your triple clamp, for example, you risk creating too much pressure on the outer fork tube, causing issues with the inner fork tube.  

The areas to check include your exhaust mount, spokes, subframe bolts and if the chain adjustment is correct. (Speaking of the chain, make sure you’ve got a good understanding on how to properly adjust the chain. If it’s too tight, you’re at risk of snapping it, or overloading your engine internally; too loose and you can damage your sprockets or derail your chain). 

You should be consistently checking your oil levels, not letting your fuel dip too low and giving it a decent clean with soapy water and a low pressure hose (especially after particularly dirty rides) just to avoid any small problems that can become big (expensive) premature wear problems. 

Need your KTM or GasGas serviced? Head to our Workshop for more info

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