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Sutto's team test drives the Sea-Doo! Results are in...

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We don’t just sell powersport vehicles, we live them! When we began our partnership with Sea-Doo we were beyond excited to share these with our adventure-loving tribe of customers. And, we were quite excited to trial them for ourselves. For QC purposes, of course… With that, we experienced the Sea-Doo life recently with a test run of five models: GTR 230, RXT 300, Fish Pro 170, GTI 130 and the Spark Trixx 2-UP. We got our team to give a run down of each, highlighting their benefits and fun-o-meter ready for you to decide on your own Sea-Doo summer pick! 

Benefits of a GTR 230

The GTR 230 is the perfect introductory jet ski. It’s new lightweight anti-splash design means it can roll into turns with precise manoeuvrability, making it a safe and fun watercraft for the kids (giving just enough of an adrenaline hit!). The strong power output and great fuel economy mean it has a whole lot of memory making summer weekends at the ready. 

It comes with a powerful supercharged 230-hp Rotax engine and it is now equipped with the exclusive LinQ Quick-Attach System for cargo and the Bluetooth Audio System. 

Who rode it: Benny and Lester

What they say:

“If I was heading out with my family I’d pick the GTR 230 all day long – it’s comfortable, easy to fit the family, and a great all-rounder. I also loved the hull and how sharp it felt in the water.” - Benny

“This ski is family orientated  – it has great power and enough space to chuck the family on the back.” - Lester

Benefits of an RXT 300

From hitting high speed on rougher offshore water, or side boarding, the RXT 300’s wide hull paired with its low centre of gravity gives you ultimate stability. It has extra rear storage to attach the LinQ system and can have a fuel caddy, cooler or bag easily snap to the back of the watercraft with two easy attachment points.  

Better yet, it has the largest swim platform in the industry making it perfect for lounging, tow sports or boarding. If you need even more space, remove the rear seat. 

Who rode it: Robyn and Mal

What they say:

“The power of the RXT 300 is incredible, particularly when paired with the stability of that hull, and if you aren’t feeling like you want to open the power up, or like it’s too much for you, you can switch it back to ECO Mode to tame it in a bit.” Robyn

“You can’t go wrong with all the power. That craft has legs and it just wants to keep on opening up for you whilst remaining super stable with the ST3 Hull.” Mal

Benefits of the Fish Pro 170

The Fish Pro 170 is not just a clever name. It’s perfect for the fishing fans, who want versatility and stability, with an adrenaline hit on the commute to your favourite fishing spot. It allows you to get a lot closer to the action than if you were on a dingy, and it has a load of extra capabilities that make it extremely practical. 

It has a 51L cooler with recessed work surface, trolling slots and bait storage. It’s designed for easy movements and driver positioning, with increased lateral stability and angled footrests for side-facing fishing. 

Who rode it: Bennos

What they say:

“The Fishpro was great – it has enough power to tow and get you moving, with so much stability due to the ST3 hull. The extra length on the ski means there is so much room to move, fish from and store extra items like coolers etc. The bonus of the Garmin Fish Finder as standard and the cooler is just awesome!”

Benefits of the GTI 130

The GTI 90 is designed to deliver on all the power and control Sea-Doo are known for, while remaining affordable and another great watercraft for entry into the PWC club. It offers intelligent brake and reverse gearing capabilities for riders to start while in neutral. This helps with manoeuvring easily in close quarters. While it still packs a punch in the fun department, there’s not much of a technical component to it, so just jump on and ride.   

Who rode it: Benny

What they say: 

“I loved the hull and how sharp it felt in the water; it made made it a heap of fun (you could really roost and spray the others out on the water with this one)”

Benefits of the SPARK Trixx 2-UP

This is made for play! It can whip, dip, spin and dunk easily with industry-leading features that are making a...ahem… splash in PWCs! It’s Bluetooth Connectivity and 25 watt speakers mean you can even create your own soundtrack playlist for your weekend ride. 

It’s clever design offers peak performance and efficiency, and is even protected from ugly use-marks with its scratch-resistant molding (more scratch-resistant than fibreglass). 

It’s adjustable steering means you can customise to your riding style and overall experience. It can be positioned for greater leverage for easy manoeuvring through rough water conditions. 

Who rode it: Benny and Scotty

What they say:

“I absolutely had a ball on the Spark Trixx coming from an MX background! It was epic being able to pull wheelies and bunny hop the ski around.” - Benny

“I loved the Spark Trixx for irregular riding and mucking around – it’s a great vehicle for offshore riding.” - Scotty

Let Sutto’s help you start your Sea-Doo life

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