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Sutto's Welcome Can-Am and Sea-Doo to the family!


As isolation restrictions lift across the country, we’ve never been more ready to jump on anything with a motor, making the most of the returned freedom! The best thing about our chosen passion is that the activities perfectly align with a ‘new normal’ of physical distancing, while still giving you and your family incredible memory making adventures as we head gently toward post-COVID living. With that, we are stoked to be adding to our powersport arsenal with the introduction of Can-Am and Sea-Doo! It’s been a long running goal of ours to be able to offer you the best watersport vehicles and expand on our motorsport offering. Can-Am and Sea-Doo arrive with a long-standing legacy of fun, adventure and quality and we’re thrilled to have them onboard. However, if you’re less familiar with these models, here are the reasons we think these vehicles are going to make your next adventure next level. 

Benefits of Can-Am ATV and SSV

Can-Am Offroad vehicles have a comprehensive range of vehicles to offer, including both ATV and SSVs. Can-Am’s tagline of “We’re Built for This” shows they have a vehicle to take you from the trails to fields, dunes to mountaintops. Basically, anywhere you need!

With an impressive line-up of ATVs from the modest 450 Outlander, all the way up to the all-powerful Outlander XT 1000, there is a quad-bike that will suit whatever your purpose. Even more impressive in the line-up is the Max range, which allows for a second passenger to be seated safely on the rear, with a longer wheelbase for increased comfort, and the option to remove the second seat for extra tray space. The XT range even includes a 3000lb winch, heavy duty front and rear bumpers, mudguards and handlebar wind deflectors standard. 

Moving on to the SSV we find a selection of world-class vehicles designed to take you farther than ever before. The Defender range, made to be your maintenance workhorse, ranges from the 38 hp HD5, through to the 50 hp HD8 and all the way up to the 82hp HD10. There are a number of options including the impressive Defender Pro DPS – essentially a Pick-Up vehicle featuring a long-tray bed (1.8m of cargo capacity!), that is convertible to a flat bed with 771kg payload capacity. 

For the young at heart who want an adult-sized pure toy to get your heart racing, look no further than the Maverick range. The current X3 range contains the Turbo RR motor with an industry-leading 195 hp. Trust us when we say the sheer throw-you-back-in-your-seat power and low-down torque is nothing short of mind-blowing. With both 64” and 72” width options, and an extensive range of accessories to choose from, Sutto’s will be able to build you the ultimate high-performance machine.

Benefits of a Sea-Doo

Sea-Doos have one of the best reputations, for multiple reasons, in the watersports industry. They are high-quality and incredibly reliable, while also offering the widest range of personal watercrafts at the most competitive prices. Generally, Sea-Doos start at around $8000 and stop at around $26,000, give or take. 

Their range really is quite vast, so we won’t list each and every one and get you confused. But we can share their known top identifiers that makes them so widely loved by water adventurers (and we’re always here to answer any further questions you have the best specific model for you!).

Sea-Doos aren’t officially bespoke, but they do offer plenty of personal flexibility with heaps of add-on options, so you don’t have to fork out the full amount of a vessel when you want to upgrade, just up-play the one you have. 

They have forged a really firm focus on innovation (founded in their first-hand love and experience of driving over waves or breaking through still water ) offering keen personal watercraft enthusiasts an array of choices in hull design, power and maneuverability to suit every need – from speed to extra passengers and awesome audio options. 

It has always been our duty to be your go-to for road, off-road and, now, personal watercraft quality vehicles. But, now, it’s even higher on our priority list to ensure our Sutto’s family make up for lost time and start creating those life memories that have nothing to do with Netflix. 

Drop into Sutto’s (or call us on 47379566) and you’ll find a crew of people who are just as eager to head out on a ride - offroad or water!

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Suttos Welcome Can-Am and Sea-Doo
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