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Tips for riding out COVID-19

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*Sutto's Powersports are following both State and Federal laws closely during this time, please check your local State & Territory laws for daily updates and specific advice on riding where you are located. We in no way guarantee this information to be true or correct at this time*

How to make an adventurous heart sink? Put it in isolation. But, if ever we were to be grateful to have moto blood cruising through our veins, it’s right now. The ‘rona can’t stop the ride, and we will get through these trying times with self and sanity intact. There are adjustments to life, though, that should be taken to ensure your body, your mind and your bike come out the other end of this pandemic and its isolation rules strong and high-spirited. If joining the toilet paper wars isn’t topping your priority list, it’s time to use this space to be positive and productive with your bike to ride today, and later when the dust settles.

Get up and ride

If the familiar buzz of the throttle is calling your name, now is the time to answer. While isolation guidelines are getting tighter and we need to be taking our community responsibilities seriously, we’re lucky to have a passion that can be a one (wo)man show. While large group rides should be ruled out where possible until further notice, we can still hit the dirt road and have life feel just a little more normal for a moment. We can also head out in groups of two if you’re living together in the same family unit. While you have asphalt roads a plenty, research dirt tracks that are still open for off-road. Keep safe, keep your distance, and keep riding. *note constantly changing laws daily between states and territories

Clean up your act

It’s time to come clean… When was the last time you gave your bike a thorough clean and service? Use this time to do it. While cleaning might feel like a redundant task, it’s really important in not just keeping it from getting stained from embedded dirt or damaged, it will also allow you to spot some areas that need a service like your sprockets and tyres. Here is a simple but thorough checklist to clean your vehicle during isolation:

  • Rinse Hose/gurney your bike with cool water first to remove excess dirt making sure to keep the direct spray away from electricals and the airbox.
  • Spray the bike allover with your chosen cleaner – CT18, CT20, Dynamo or MotoMuck and leave for 5-10 mins. Use Motorex Moto Clean to get into those hard to reach places!
  • Hose/gurney the bike again to remove all of the cleaner and dirt and allow the bike to dry. To get rid of a clouded headlight lens, switch it to a high beam (engine on) until it’s gone.
  • Finalise the job with a finish cleaner or polisher like Motorex Wash & Wax to bring the shine back into your frame and plastics.
  • Run the engine for a few minutes to make sure everything still runs properly, test your brakes and lubricate your drive chain.
  • When you ride, keep your hands washed before and after, and keep a small sanitiser with you if you’re removing your gloves at any time while out.

If you can get a mechanic to your house, or are able to arrange a distance-safe professional service, do that too. Sutto’s workshop is fully operational during this time and can even arrange contact-less service drop offs and pick ups

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Don’t stop at the bike…

Clean your garage! There’s no point having a newly sparkling bike in a hovel. Organise whatever is inside safely and neatly to avoid any accidents, or anything falling on your ride! Hear us out here… even jump on Pinterest or Google (you can look at it without an account, you’ll be fine) for some nifty storage tips for garages and tools. Sweep it out, clear away cobwebs and give your bike the house it deserves.

Check yourself

Don’t let your mental health suffer during these unprecedented times. Get outside, get fresh air, and make the most of your solo ride to help lift up your mood while you’re house-bound. Keep riding, just make sure that you’re always sticking to the Government regulations of no more than two people together at one time, stay on top of your hand washing (especially before and after a ride) and keep your gear clean.

While you’ve got spare time, do the work on your bike the way you’ve always wanted but kept running out of time. Sutto’s can order parts over the phone, have them freighted to you if you cannot get in-store and the workshop is fully open.

We are also offering discounted freight on most parts, and can do contactless quotes/sales/service over the phone as well as contactless drop off and pick up for any bike servicing requirements. Give our friendly team a call today.

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