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What safety gear and accessories do I (actually) need for a trail ride?


The best part about heading out for a trail ride is the exhilaration, freedom and fun that comes with it. This feeling runs through your veins, and you can’t wait to get back out almost as soon as you’ve jumped off your bike. But, there is a really important part of that ride that means you can retain that freedom feeling without putting yourself in danger of injury, or worse: safety gear and accessories. Sure, it’s not the coolest part of the deal, but it is the most vital. There are a lot of different safety products out in the market,  So, we’ve cut through the noise to list the safety gear you should really have in your trail ride arsenal. 


Even before owning a bike, you should have a helmet. Chances are, you’ve trialled bikes, or been on someone else’s bike. Of course, you may well have borrowed one, and occasionally this is ok, but it’s important to have a helmet that specifically suits and fits your head. Your noggin is the most precious cargo on that bike, and safe protective headgear needs to be on the very top of the trail riding priority list. Avoid getting a second hand helmet, you just never know how it has been treated and you don’t want to risk any loss of integrity to its strength. You need to buy an approved Australian full face helmet that has been bought by a trusted supplier. At Sutto’s, we will help ensure the size and fit is exactly right, demonstrating how to secure it effectively and how to treat it. 

Dirt bike boots

You’re not going to be heading off on the next ride anytime soon if you’ve scalloped your feet by wearing footwear not made with the durability required to protect your feet on a bike. Motocross boots are often considered most effective in the unfortunate event of a crash or fall, but they are also important for successful trail rides. Specifically designed for the activity, they stop debris and objects getting into shoes, are comfortable on footpegs and support ankles. Just like anything, there is a scale of boots between entry-level and higher end brands; it’s all really up to you, your budget and what you’re comfortable with. At the end of the day, any boot is better than no boot. You just have to make sure that whatever you have fits your foot perfectly and won’t be a distraction to the experience. 

A meticulously maintained bike

You can have all the safety gear in the world on your person, but if you don’t have a bike that is sturdy, safe and well maintained, you’re not truly ready for an off road ride. Of course, you must keep up to date with servicing your dirt bike, and Sutto’s can assist you with professional maintenance. It’s also important to ensure that any repairs or replacement spare parts must be high quality (your bike is only as good as the sum of its parts). Sutto’s have a stellar dirt bike repairs, spares and accessories service that will either have whatever part you’re looking for, or will go to great lengths to source it for you, quickly. The point is to ensure your bike is as close to new, for as long as possible. 

Quality goggles

If your head is the main part of your body to protect, your eyes are a close second. There are cheaper varieties out there, and you may find a decent pair in that entry level range (budget is not always adjustable). However, if you can swing splurging on a top pair of goggles, you’ll never regret it. The protection side of things is paramount, and most goggles will do their job on that front. But there are other elements that make the whole ride more enjoyable, and safer, with their inclusion. For example, good ventilation will stop them from fogging up, allowing you to have clear vision without disruption, while a deep foam layer (as opposed to a thinner foam trim) on your face will offer greater comfort and sweat absorption. 

There are loads of safety equipment to choose from, and aside from the above, we strongly suggest you grab some knee and neck braces, body armour and gloves, to name a few. If you’re looking for more info on what dirt bike gear and accessories you need, check out our accessories page, or come in and have a chat with us!

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