Why is Custom Suspension Worth Investing in? Why is Custom Suspension Worth Investing in?
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Why is Custom Suspension Worth Investing in?


Riders are individuals. We’re all unique to our combined height and weight specs, with each EXC customer being very different from the next. 

Every customer is seeking a different terrain, has a different riding style and is a different level of enthusiast. It’s very likely that you and your mates will ride around the same trail on the same bike and hit different lines and obstacles with completely different skills and abilities. 

This is where custom suspension is a worthwhile investment. From novice to pro, setting up your bike to suit YOU means you get more longevity and performance out of both yourself (the wrong suspension can cause injury) and the bike. Most importantly though, you can gain greater enjoyment for riding. 

What are the options?

Spring Rates

Replacing fork and shock springs to suit your weight means the bike can be set at an appropriate ride height. Ride height (or sag) should be set correctly, both when the rider is on and off the bike. Once these two heights are synergised, the handling will improve regardless of where you are sitting on the bike. 


Spring rates will affect the feel and type of dampening. Therefore, the valving set-up should be adjusted accordingly. For example; heavier rated springs have more return energy and force and can overcome the rebound valving. The return cycle needs to be controlled/altered to suit the spring rate by adjusting the valving (so adjusting the rebound and compression settings). This stops the suspension from having a ‘pogo’ feel (typically felt with heavier spring rates without a change in valving) or, alternatively, it prevents the opposite effect when lighter springs are installed with the bike, having too much damping causing packing.

KTM 350 SX-F with WP Cone Valves & Trax Shock

Bladder Kits

Installed in your shock, these can be coupled with springs and valving or added as a stand-alone addition to your shock. The advantages include:

  • Keeping the oil temperature lower, resulting in increased oil and service life

  • Reduced shock fade

  • Maintaining a more consistent feel.

WP Pro Components

The ultimate setup is created by changing your standard suspension to a Trax Shock and/or Cone Valves tailored to your weight and riding style. These are factory race components that possess unrivalled technology to push you to your limits while keeping you comfortable.

Realistically, unless you’re an 80kg, medium-paced rider hitting the same terrain that KTM’s test rider rode, there is room for you to get more out of your standard suspension with a simple spring rate change, all the way up to a factory-equivalent setup. Whether you are exclusively on Enduro trails or Motocross tracks, love to mix up both or are even an Adventure rider who needs to change preload constantly (based on your travel weight), SRD Suspension can create a solution for you in-store at Sutto’s Powersports. 

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