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Why jet ski sport fishing is a winner summer activity


We’ve made no secret that we’re stoked, summer is opening up and we can make up for a year inside by spending as much time as possible outside. We have so many plans and, from everything we’re hearing, so do you! For the most part, there’s been a lot of talk around the adrenaline pumping activities on KTMs, PWCs and SSVs. Don’t get us wrong, that’s where our head is too. But, there’s a hidden gem of an activity that has a little less rush, and a little more R&R. PWC sport fishing is one of the most soul enriching pastimes our equipment offers, and we felt it was about time it got its time in the sun. Here’s why it’s just so good. 

What is PWC sport fishing?

As the name suggests, you literally go fishing while on a PWC. 

Sea-Doo really does just think of everything, though, and has taken it a step further. Fishing from a watersport PWC is nothing new, it’s been a cool added bonus activity to add to the fun of owning one. But, in an industry first, Sea-Doo designed a PWC specifically for fishing. 

What does this mean? 

For the Sea-Doo FishPro Scout they’ve added a cooler, fish finder, rod holders and trolling modes in a modular design that doesn’t stop the Sea-Doo being used for normal riding. 

The Sea-Doo Fish Pro Sport 170 includes a Garmin ECHOMAP Plus 62cv Fish Finder, fishing bench seat to easily migrate from driving position to fishing position and an angled gunwale footrest to give you added support if the waters are a little rough. 

Sea-Doo Fish Pro Trophy the Garmin nav, extended rear platform (adds about 29cm) at the rear to give you more boarding and fishing space plus added stability when you catch a big one, and a Linq Fishing Cooler. 

The Sea-Doo Fish Pro Sport 170 (with IDF) is the same as the Pro Sport 170, but with an intelligent debris free (IDF) pump system. This is cool because it takes the worry out of otherwise potentially difficult unclogging. Instead, this system means it takes just a second with push-button activation at the handlebars. 

Now, the benefits of getting into PWC sport fishing… 

You can get away from it all

It’s been a noisy year. And, you’re likely in for a noisy festive season. It can feel impossible to get away from it all. Even on some of our most popular water and power sport equipment, where there is plenty of solo riding, it’s still a lot of revving and engine roaring. Sea-Doo sport fishing offers you the peace you need in life, and the peace you need to get a decent catch. 

It’s mega easy to head out alone

It can be really fun to take a boat out and embark on a group fishing adventure. But, you know… how good’s being alone when you just want to focus on the serenity and the catch. Nothing worse when you really want to absorb the fishing experience and old mate chatty cousin Gary can’t stop telling you about how fast his lawn is growing in this up and down weather. So when you’re trying to duck out for an arvo fish at the end of a long extended family BBQ, you’ve got a necessary reason why it has to just be you. ‘Sorry mate, taking the Sea-Doo’. 

It’s rewarding

Whether you actually do it as a competitive sport, or it's your leisure sport of choice, sport fishing on a PWC is a pretty incredible experience. Not only are you more likely to get a good catch (as mentioned, less noise when you’re out there), but you can also take full credit. In a more spiritual sense, being so quietly absorbed by your nature-rich environment is personally rewarding. Sport fishing for the soul. 

It can still be a great group activity

If you are in the mood for company, heading out for a group Sea-Doo fishing trip is a top way to bond, get a little competitive, and everyone gets a go at being the captain. 

Check out our brand new 2022 Sea-Doo Sport Fishing range, ready for pre-order!

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