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Why you should buy a Sea-doo PWC this summer


We know a lot of you don’t need to be sold on the incredible experiences and memories a Sea-Doo brings their owners, but some of you are also yet to jump on and give it a go. Well, we think this year might be the year to do just that. Here’s a little reminder of the epic benefits a Sea-Doo can bring to amp up your summer.


The hot tip for reliability for any machine, across the board, is to keep your maintenance up. For Sea-Doo, the maintenance is both at home care and getting professional check ups. But, it’s an even better deal if the machine you have is built for reliability in the first place. That’s what Sea-Doo offers. Their design is made for withstanding high use, comfortably and safely; a Closed Loop Cooling System (CLCS) to prevent saltwater corrosion in the engine, and a in selected models a polytech hull that is not only sturdy enough to withstand sand parking but also much faster to repair when needed than their fibreglass counterparts (typically taking 48 hours, as opposed to weeks on end). The whole point of owning a PWC is to ride it as much as possible; the Sea-Doo allows you to not be constantly disrupted by pesky maintenance and wear issues just because you’re doing exactly what it was designed to do.

Tech specs

It’s not the tech itself that’s necessarily the biggest benefit, but rather what the tech allows you to do. This is both for safety and fun. In the safety stakes, the Intelligent Brake and Reverse (iBR) installed in all Sea-Doo watercraft can stop you at 48m sooner than PWC without a brake. Functionality is also something Sea-Doo is famous for. Particularly, their Rotax engine and iControl system that gives superior cruise control (great for when you’re on busy or patrolled bodies of water where the need to keep to the right speed is even more vital) and eco-mode for better fuel economy (next to the initial cost of a PWC, fuel is one of the biggest ongoing expenses, generally speaking). 

Cost effective

Sea-Doo is a highly regarded brand with an incredible reputation for suiting both amateur and mature riders, but they also come at a relatively reasonable price at the outset, as well as cost-effectiveness throughout its life. Sutto’s Sea-Doo jet ski range starts from $13,169 for the 2022 Spark TRIXX 2UP (with sound system) right up to $30,599 for the 2022 GTX Limited 300, and a whole heap in the middle! With a PWC median price of $20,000, Sea-Doo offers a really competitive price range for first-time owners, and only slightly higher cost for seasoned riders looking for their forever PWC. 

However, as mentioned, Sea-Doo are just as known for their fuel efficiency options and easily maintained design that keep costs down over its life. These functions make a big long term difference. It’s important to note, though, that fuel consumption and maintenance needs do scale with power of the specific Sea-Doo model and your personal use. It helps to have a machine that is built to support the long term cost benefits, and Sea-Doo definitely designed with this in mind. 

It’s FUN

Truely, this is the most important thing. Well, ok, safety is… but trust in its brake ability and corrosion-resistant design of your PWC means you can truly have fun on it without hesitation. 

Some cool things about the Sea-Doo fun-o-metre:

Off-throttle assist steering is amazing for the newbie riders who want to relax into the ride and know they can turn quickly if an obstacle hits. It’s still important to be aware when riding, but it takes the edge off knowing that it’s there and you can feel a little freer in your movements. 

They are super easy to manoeuvre, and this is a really undersold benefit of the Sea-Doo. Being able to easily transition directions, and simply enjoy the ride, instead of concentrating so hard on the mechanics of it, really ups the fun part. Very quickly, manoeuvrability is second nature on a Sea-Doo, making it all about the salt water, the air and that undeniable hit of adrenaline. 

With the Spark typical top speed of 80km/h, you will find this makes it fast enough for fun, but capped enough for family riding. If you’re looking for more adrenalin, moving up to the supercharged models can get you top speeds of up to 125km/h.

It’s not just a solo ride. Sea-Doos can typically sit up to three passengers, which is awesome for getting the kids involved in a safe and secure way. 

So, ready to make memories for you Sea-Doo summer? Talk to Sutto’s today!

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