Start to live the Sea-Doo life today

We get you on a Sea-Doo in 48 hours!

We know that getting your new Sea-Doo and taking it for that first run in the water is the best feeling. So, Sutto's will provide you with assistance across all necessary steps to get you in the water, on your new PWC in 48hours*. 

Get your licence, Own a PWC... it's as easy as the below two steps!

  1. Get your boat licence - Fill in the form below and you'll be contacted to schedule your class and practical training. 
  2. Choose the Sea-doo that fits you best and get your cost of licensing course reimbursed*. Once you get your licence we will contact you directly to help with identifying which Sea-Doo is made for you!


  1. 48 Hours is dependent on the course availability, location of the applicant and force majeure such as weather etc. It assumes that the applicant competently passes the theory and practical components of licensing.
  2. It excludes public holidays and weekends.
  3. **Cost of licensing refers to the cost of the licensing course.
  4. The cost of annual licensing will be at the cost of the applicant.


Fill in the below to get started on your Boat and/or PWC licence.