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There’s nothing quite like the freedom of wide-open roads. The attraction pulls in commuters and tourers alike, and from learner riders to super tourers, our GasGas and KTM motorbike options are endless for your perfect ride.

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Street Bikes Built for Comfort and Cruising

The go-to for everyone from beginners to keen riders, KTM motorcycles are all about comfort and cruising, even if you’re just commuting. The design considers posture and moderates the power to fit with on-road regulations, but it doesn’t take anything away from the experience. You still feel the throttle under the glove and (up to) 600cc engine keeps you humming. They’re built for form and moderate terrain capability. Street bikes offer what a lot of other bikes can’t: the riding experience woven into your daily life, without having to hike it up on your vehicle or trailer! While you’re certainly not going to try to take on sharp corners or hit high speeds, you still get the thrill of the ride.

KTM Road Bike Range

Street bikes are with you from the start, from getting you through your L’s test ride, right through to those long stretch weekend cruises as you become more seasoned. The cool thing about street bikes is that you can get them in so many different shapes from smaller sizes to aggressive styling. This makes it truly a unique experience, that is tailored to your specific wants and needs in a bike. It’s all about finding the right fit for you. Sutto’s can walk you through the decision-making process, and get you sorted with the right street bike for your size, experience level and lifestyle; there’s a bike to suit everyone! While you can’t customise as freely as you can other types of bikes, the full range alone will ensure your ride is ostensibly ‘you’.

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