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Our Toro Power Equipment models can help you with anything from small suburban lawns to larger scale projects with precision and ease. We are a Toro dealer in NSW supplying one of the worlds most durable, reputable and high performing brands to the Australian market.

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Lawn Power

When it comes to our lawns, Aussies are a proud lot. From our homes to our businesses and public spaces, we appreciate a perfect blade cut on a freshly mowed patch of grass. It’s a big reason Toro power equipment goes gangbusters for residential and commercial use, with only good things said among fellow-owning mates. And, for good reason. Toro has a big reputation for reliability, functionality and getting the job done right, with ease. 

Sutto’s have been proud suppliers of Toro for many years, and plan to be for many more. The are the country’s leading supplier in landscape, turf and agricultural care with a massive range of mowers that cater to small domestic lawns, right through to large scale professional and commercial landscaping. With that, we stand with them in reliability, a high standard for stamping a vehicle as quality, and putting customer experience at the top of the priority list.

Whilst on the ground, your lawn is your home or business’s crown jewel if it’s done right, and we know that a big part of that is having the right equipment to get the mowing job perfected. This, of course, includes functionality and capability - factors like good blades, strong engine etc. However, another part of this is how it feels to use it. Toro takes this into account just as much. Their mowers are designed for comfortable handling, even for long bouts of time, are equally innovative and easy to use, and make mowing fun.

A cut above

When you invest in a lawn mower, you want it to be a loyal mainstay in your yard maintenance arsenal, and this is really where we hit our stride. The longer you can put off having to upgrade your mower, the better. Really, unless you upgrade your lawn, you should be able to count on a faithful mower for many many years. With that, and reliability aside, this means the mower you choose is a big decision to make, and we know you don’t want to do it lightly. So, we’re here to help.

Our team are lawn lovers, just like you. They know the Toro models inside and out, and use them for their own grass cuts. When you talk to us about nabbing a Toro, you know you’re talking to people who can, through experience, match your needs to the right power equipment. Toro has a legacy of being a long-time trusted brand that will come through on the goods for reliability to get the best lawn in the street (suburb even), and to stand the test of time. 

If you’re in the market for a Toro, come in and talk to our friendly team in person, or take a look through our online listings. There, you’ll find the models we stock, their capacities and specs, and the price. Basically, everything you need for some self-research on nabbing a Toro for yourself before you visit the Sutto’s store.

Need spare parts?

If you’re looking for genuine parts and accessories, our experienced, qualified mower and motorcycle spare parts team are here to help! You can also take advantage of our efficient search function to find the parts you’re looking for and order online.

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