Take a ride off the beaten tarmac with the KTM Adventure Bike segment, transitioning you from road to dirt with ease, gifting the freedom of time, adaptability and comfort on your next adventure ride.

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Adventure (ADV) motorcycles aren’t just a clever name… they are purpose built for adventure and are a big deal bike to own, especially if you’re keen on touring and sport-touring. With large wheels, excellent fuel range, long-distance suspension and upright seating, they clear harsh terrain with relative ease (though not too smooth so as to take the fun out of it). This makes them ideal for on and off road (they can withstand potholes like no other motorcycle can), though their intention is to be taken on off-road epic adventures. They are comfortable, sleek and durable, with incredible performance under and over almost on any conditions with great control functions, and true rider-considered design.

KTM adventure bikes are primed for customisation (just be sure to customise only within the legal boundaries of how you plan to use it. For example, there are more restrictions if you plan on-road riding too). After sale servicing means you can ensure your customisations retain their quality, and make the investment well worth it. Some popular options are tyre upgrades, exhaust adjustments, aesthetic customisation (you can even match to your helmet and riding suit), and seat. The price point tends to be a little higher on these bikes, but the incredible experiences they give you in return make them priceless. These bikes are made for fun, unforgettable memories and the greatest time of your life.

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