Looking for that summer alternative to your dirt bike or ATV/SSV? Sutto's is a Sea-Doo jet ski dealer in Sydney, NSW that can now put you on wheels AND on water with their comprehensive PWC range.

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Sea-Doo at Sutto’s

Watersports are a quintessential pastime of Aussie summers; we have the space and the climate to make an investment in a jet ski one you’ll never regret. The unmistakable salty splash when you’re tearing through the water, or the tranquil pause when you take it out for a fly fish, it’s a literal vehicle for making life just… better. At Sutto’s, we are leading the fan club for Sea-Doo, based purely on our experience and understanding of what makes the brand so special. 

We are dedicated to only supplying the best in adventure vehicles, and Sea-Doo is no exception. Their solid legacy of designing personal watercraft (PWC) with the rider and accessibility in mind; innovative with features such as pull sports, lightweight, great for novice and seasoned PWC riders, as well as being renowned for competitive pricing. The broad range of buyers that Sea-Doo caters to, while still appealing to specific needs, sets them apart from competitors. 

If you’re in the market for a PWC, the Sutto’s team is always ready to help guide you through our range in person. You can also explore our range online and check out the different specs, their unique innovative features and cost. This will serve as a great springboard before you set off on your own Sea-Doo.

Pick your PWC 

You might be quick to decide you want a PWC, but it can be (and should be) a longer period to know which PWC is going to be the best for you. And, let’s face it, they’re all pretty great, so it’s no easy choice! That’s where Sutto’s can come in and help you along. We’re long time Sea-Doo lovers, and they too make up a big part of our summer (and, ok, winter too) memories. We also know the factors that are most important to consider before you say, “Yep! That one!”.

After you’ve gone through our online Sea-Doo range, you can give us a call, or come and visit us in store. When we say we’ll guide you through the range, what we mean is to ask you the right questions about what you plan to use it for, where you plan to use it and how often. Also, we can nut out your budget and give you a tangible (albeit on land) experience of the Sea-Doos we have in stock, gauging comfort and fit. We can also give you a run down of what owning a PWC actually involves, particularly if you’re a newbie to jet skis generally, or even just to Sea-Doo.

Once you’ve settled on the one you want to set off on, and mentally prepare for your family and mate’s imminent rush of dibs for when they can jump on with you, it’s not the end of the line with Sutto’s. We’re not just in the sales of Sea-Doos, we’re lifers. We have an exceptional maintenance, repairs and spare parts service, and are always here ready to help when you need it, now and long after purchase.

Need spare parts?

If you’re looking for genuine parts and accessories, our experienced, qualified mower and motorcycle spare parts team are here to help! You can also take advantage of our efficient search function to find the parts you’re looking for and order online.

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