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If you’re learning to ride, testing out a new vehicle type or want to customise your own bike in your garage, used vehicles are cost-effective and low risk. Our motorbikes, ATVs and mowers are quality, cared-for seconds with plenty of mileage left.

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Tried before you buy

If anyone can understand the deep seeded need to get their hands on an adventure sport vehicle, it’s the Sutto’s team. However, we also know that it’s not always accessible to get a brand newie, either as your first watersport, motorcycle, powersport and power equipment, or even as an upgrade. But, that doesn’t mean that owning a vehicle is out of reach.

Used vehicles are an awesome opportunity to get into an adventure sport you may not otherwise be able to, or upgrade to, without having to put in the big investment. It can feel a little daunting getting a used vehicle, and they come with really valid questions: will they rust sooner? How do I know they’ve been taken care of? Will I get a shorter run with them? That’s why it’s important to buy through a trusted dealer, like Sutto’s, who can do a lot of the leg work.

Our range of used vehicles go through a rigorous vetting process, and we give them the same maintenance and TLC we do all of our new vehicles. There’s nothing secondary about our used vehicle range, and we will only ever sell on what we would be happy to use ourselves. In fact, sometimes we do!

Second can be best

Beyond the financial, there are big benefits to opting in for a used vehicle, when they are checked by Sutto’s. We go over every used vehicle with a fine tooth comb, and only sell the ones that have been given a life of absolute tender loving care. With that, there a big wins to taking in a pre-loved adventure sport vehicle.

Firstly, you know exactly where it’s been, what it can handle and how it wants to be treated. Pre-owners often give us a thorough rundown of their maintenance history, their at home maintenance care, and give a first hand diagnostic on how it runs, the tips and tricks, and identify any issues we need to see before we sell it. In short, you have a lot more intel on the vehicle than you would any new model on the market. 

If you’re considering buying a used vehicle, come and talk to our friendly Sutto’s team in store. Our used vehicle range varies in model options and how many we get in stock, so we work hard to keep records of used vehicles coming through the pipeline, and any interested buyers we can match it up to. Let us know, and we’ll do everything we can to help.

Need spare parts?

If you’re looking for genuine parts and accessories, our experienced, qualified mower and motorcycle spare parts team are here to help! You can also take advantage of our efficient search function to find the parts you’re looking for and order online.

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