The registrable KTM and GasGas Enduro bikes get their owners through tight single trails, cross-country, hill climbs, fast open tracks, slippery logs, loamy dirt and even rough rock. You’ll tackle every challenge head on.

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Enduro motorcycles are uniquely designed bikes that set them apart from the competition in the motocross market. Their oversized petrol tanks, reliable and durable long-distance engines, sump protectors and heavy components (kickstand, seat foam and hand guards) make it a substantial and satisfying ride for novice bikers and seasoned riders. The reason for the Enduro’s relative weight compared to the Motocross, is it’s need to be street-legal and, therefore, road safe. This is particularly so for the larger silencer on the exhaust (to keep sound levels legal) and the tyres, which give the enduro road capabilities lighter dirt bikes can’t provide. However, this doesn’t hinder their performance off-road; Enduro can tear it up with the best of them (it just means you can also ride home!).

Enduro’s are designed to dominate long-distance, rough terrain, challenging tracks that push you to your limits in the best possible way. Available in a range of GasGas and KTM models, they can carve through rocky declines and up torrid, steep inclines. They are specially designed to withstand the arduous course of an enduro trek, and typically do that thanks to the single cylinder 2-stroke that ranges between 125xx and 360cc, or 4-stroke that’s between 250cc and 650cc. If you’re keen to take on the enduro trails and want to learn more about enduro bikes, Sutto’s are here to support your journey! Come and have a chat with us in our showroom, or join our demo days.

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