KTM & GasGas Motocross bikes are not for the faint hearted! But, for those ready to fly, we are with you for the holeshots, start-gates, groomed tracks, tabletops, doubles and triples, whoops, up-ramps and down-ramps.

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Motocross (MX) bikes are made for off-road, high speed, top performance racing. This is the bike for experienced riders who are ready to take that next step into the racing scene. Separating them from the dirt bike pack is their design, with stiff suspension for impact on jumps and trail terrain, strong acceleration for steep inclines without losing speed and control. By design, they’re impactful and made for masterful handling with ease. Lighter than the enduro, they’re more for speed and precise riding than for rough terrain (though they certainly aren’t too delicate, motocross can still handle themselves when faced with hurdles.

Motocross hit the target for power, weight and fuel capacity compared to the run-of-the-mill dirt bike, with narrower gear ratios to account for the sharp turns on race tracks, smaller fuel tanks and exhausts that pack a punch (their revs really let you know they’re there!). You will always hear a motocross, and if that’s your happy place, it’s one of the greatest sounds on earth. When you buy a motocross, you’re buying for the specific purpose of taking on the racing trails and tackling bermed corners, obstacles and jumps in ways that other bikes just simply aren’t as well designed for.

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