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We are a Can-Am dealer in Sydney, NSW. From beginner to pro, we have a Powersports model for every level of skill, dare and practical need.  

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Is there a more truly invigorating way to spend your time on land than on an ATV? Particularly, a Can-Am? Yep, we thought not. And we couldn’t agree more. Just like a lot of you, the Sutto’s team have either grown up with the pedal to the metal on a powersport vehicle, or become immediate lifelong fans after our first go on one. What our collective experiences have shown us though, is that you can’t replicate the experience of jumping on a quality, well looked-after ATV. Especially if you’re bringing your family along for the ride(s). 

We take meticulous care of our Can-Am powersports vehicles, before, during and after purchase. We want you to have the time of your life but, more importantly, ensure that your life on an ATV is safe and protected. How good a driver you are is only half the story, you must have a high quality ATV, with every bolt, battery and belt checked, re-checked and open for ongoing maintenance. Sutto’s make your entire experience one you can count on. 

We stock a variety of Can-Ams instore and online. You can explore our online range and consider the specs, capabilities and, importantly, cost to find out what you’re looking for and how it can fit your needs. It’s important to us that you feel you are entering into a trustworthy and transparent purchase of an ATV and walk away feeling like you have experienced absolute value for money and your time.

You can on a Can-Am

Our range has been carefully selected to meet the needs we see most needed in the ATV community, and can discuss sourcing models for you when required. We have a tight, loyal and ongoing relationship with our friends at Can-Am because we know they’re the best, and they know Sutto’s will take care of their vehicles before sale, and long after. With that, we offer expert maintenance, repairs and spare parts, in-house. We want the only problem you have with your ATV to be where you’re going to ride next… 

Most Can-Am buyers have heard about the brand’s incredible reputation, and know that Sutto’s is a quality and trusted dealer. These vehicles are made for fun, adventure and memory-making – they are purpose built for it! Hitting the terrain and ripping it up is what it’s all about. To ensure that that is a sustainable activity, we support Can-Am warranty conditions, and will help you along the way with any questions on at-home maintenance, professional maintenance and repairs, and generally any queries about your ATV. 

We also understand that there are a lot of newbie buyers out there who are finding their feet on the purchase of an all terrain vehicle. For that, we have demonstration days (contact us for details!) where you can try a Can-Am, and experience the Can-Am difference for yourself. It can also be incredibly helpful in deciding which model of Can-Am is going to be right for you. At the end of the day, it’s about us helping you find your fun.

Need spare parts?

If you’re looking for genuine parts and accessories, our experienced, qualified mower and motorcycle spare parts team are here to help! You can also take advantage of our efficient search function to find the parts you’re looking for and order online.

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