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From open road, to dirt track and dual purpose, we are a KTM and GasGas dealer that have a motorcycle for you. We have KTM & GasGas motorcycles for sale, including kids' Mini bikes, dirt-lovers' Motocross bikes, Enduro bikes, the explorers' KTM road bike and KTM Adventure bikes.

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Love of the ride

When you get a motorcycle, whether it be KTM or GasGas, on-road or offroad, it’s more than just the purchase of a new toy. There’s something more special, more institutional, about a bike than maybe any other vehicle. They’re not always the most convenient mode of transport, they require a whole new license, and you need a good amount of investment – your time, your funds and even your emotions. Yet, when you know you want one, there’s no stopping the urge. 

If you’ve grown up with bikes, or are new adopters of them, we can pretty much guarantee one thing: it’s all for the love of the ride. This is where the Sutto’s dream began; wanting to share this love with like-minded people, and give them the highest quality service and motorcycle offering in the market. We do work hard to keep our business a top notch one for you guys, but it’s not hard work to continue to love what we do, and why we do it.

Our bikes aren’t just cared for for sale, we take our motorcycle community seriously and it’s your full experience that matters more than anything else. So, we offer exceptional advisory services as you’re choosing which dirt bike or on-road motorbike you need, why you need it and what fits in your budget. Then, we provide an incredible range of KTM and GasGas models that suit a variety of skill and experience levels, and we offer second-to-none servicing, maintenance and spare parts.

Choosing the right bike

There is no one size fits all method to knowing which motorcycle is for you. Even if you have decided if you’re a KTM fan or going for the GasGas, there is still a wide range of models that have different benefits, functionalities and even simply how they feel when you’re on them, that you need to work out. The good news is, you’re never alone when it comes to finding the right bike for you.

Sutto’s have been right where you are (and we continue to be! Our own bike collections always have room for just one more…). We are passionate bike lovers ourselves, and know that it can be tricky to find exactly what you want, and appreciate that it is an investment. With that, we take a lot of time and care into ensuring you leave with the bike that suits your needs, wants and budget; if you’re not happy, we can’t call it a win. 

We can help you in store, without obligation. Or, you can scroll through some of our bikes in our online offering. This showcases our currently available stock of KTMs and GasGas, that can be filtered by brand and offer all required specs: model, size, capabilities and price. 

From bikes for the little tackers, for your teen or for you, we have the experience and bike know-how to get you on the bike that will give you the ride and feeling you’re after.

Need spare parts?

If you’re looking for genuine parts and accessories, our experienced, qualified mower and motorcycle spare parts team are here to help! You can also take advantage of our efficient search function to find the parts you’re looking for and order online.

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