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How to cut your lawn like a pro with Toro

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If we squint and tilt our head to the side, we can spot the end of winter. In mere weeks we’ll wake up to that familiar smell of warmth in the air, spring coming up to say g’day with a hearty elbow tap, and we aren’t complaining. There’s one cool thing about colder months though: the distinct lack of lawn mowing. Maybe once every couple of weeks you do a token cut, but it’s hardly fast growing. Then, almost to make up for it, spring hits and you’re dealing with rapid blade growth. But, mow day can be a good time if you have a mower like the Toro, offering a pristine cut that is extremely satisfying to force your family and mates to admire at every chance. 

From small backyard gardens to bigger lots of land, you can rely on the old faithful push mower. Our Toro lawn mower models cover all bases (or, grassed spaces); they’re easy to store, easy to use, require little maintenance, offer low running costs, and are clean. They also offer automatic speed adjustment based on walking speed (great safety measure), and due to low fuel consumption, are more environmentally friendly. From tiny lawns (where the Toro 22" Personal Pace will do you well) to larger spaces (where you might want to look at the Toro 30" Turfmaster HDX Comm is better suited), they’ve got you sorted.

It doesn’t matter how tiny the patch, you can tell right away if it’s nice and neat, or unsightly. (We know we are all nature strip judgers). So, here’s how to look pro with a push. 

Don’t short out

You might think shorter is better, but size really matters here. Sure, a neat lawn is a good lawn, but cut too low and you start to deplete the lawn of its natural ability to photosynthesise sunlight (its food source); the blades need a bit of length to do this effectively. To keep your lawn green and lush, keep a bit of length. However, in winter, you can opt to go a bit shorter, because the harsh environment can undo the strength in longer blades, while they’re depleted of a lot of sunlight to begin with. 

Switch it up

Sometimes routine is a positive, but when it comes to your lawn, it’s better to apply some variety to your directions. Especially in spring and summer, when you’ll be mowing more often, the grass will start to grow according to your angles if it becomes overly familiar with them. To keep it neat and straight, alternate going lengthwise and widthwise mow to mow. Or, if you’re feeling like a real spice-up, hit it diagonally. Just expect weird looks from the neighbours. Changing direction will give you a more consistent, professional finish. 

Don’t over water

Of course, you’re going to want to sprinkle some H2O on the ground if there have been consecutive scorchers of days, but it’s best to let nature do its work (or opt in for a recycled water system). Not only does it conserve water, it’s simply not necessary to soak your lawn, and can undo all your good intentions. If you have an integrated watering system, you’ll notice it’s either timed or intuitive, and won’t drench your lawn. Otherwise, a light go with the hose once every so often is fine, but typically grass will do its best work with very little interference. 

Keep your blades sharp!

To get the absolute best out of your push Toro is to ensure you’re doing your bit to keep the maintenance up (it’ll be your lifelong companion with a little TLC). They typically only need replacing two or three times a year, and we can do them as part of our maintenance service. We usually recommend this during cooler months while your lawn needs less love and to get it ready to tackle the hot days, just call us and one of our friendly team members will give you the details. 

Ready for that Toro difference, contact the Sutto's Toro Dealers NSW or check out our range today!

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