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Whether you’re a watersports, powersports or motorcycle enthusiast, your passion (and therefore extensive use of) for these vehicles is sky high. While ensuring you keep up with regular maintenance and repairing any damage quickly will keep your chosen vehicle in tip top condition for as long as possible, they do have a life cycle. Additionally, your needs and wants will change as you become more embedded in your sport or hobby. With that, there comes a time where you may be looking to say goodbye to the old faithful and checking out an upgrade. Of course, Sutto’s can reliably be your go-to for a new ride, but what do you do with your old one? The very best option is to sell it on for someone else to enjoy (gives someone an affordable way in, and also offsets your new purchase a bit); so, how and where to do this? Here are our suggested options to ensure you know and get your market value, and can actually get some buy bites…


Social media has become a lot more than just your Aunty re-sharing a Live, Love, Laugh quote. Probably its best function is selling and buying items on Marketplace, which gives sellers decent accountability (given it’s from their personal account) and buyers greater peace of mind on that front (also, vice versa. It’s pretty easy to spot a scam buyer).

What it’s good for

Quick buys! While you might get a lot of ‘Is this available?’ ghosters, you can usually sell your vehicle/s quickly as people are able to specifically search what they want. If it’s the quality and price they’re after, there is a sense of urgency to nab it, and it doesn’t come with the bidding function that can have people be a little passive on the purchasing.  


You really are going to get a lot of people enquire and then never reply, and you will likely have a lot of people try to negotiate the price down. There’s also not a secure payment on the platform, so you have to wait for manual bank transfers or hope they turn up for pick-up for cash payments. It’s also not great for measuring your market value; Marketplace is notorious for mega bargain hunters, and it’s difficult to determine why other people have priced their vehicles the way they have (being hopeful etc.).

Niche websites

There are some websites that deal specifically in second hand vehicles, both for supply direct to the public and for their own retail. 

What it’s good for

It can be the quickest and easiest way to offload your vehicle, and it’s moderated by a third party which gives both buyers and sellers a safety net to avoid scams. You can also get appraisals from some sites. Granted, they may be a little under market to increase their profit if they’re buying for resale purposes, but it’s probably no different to the markdown you might place if you want to sell your vehicle faster anyway. 


On some sites, you need to pay a fee or a subscription to buy and sell on their platform. This can hinder the profit you eventually make, especially if it takes some time to sell. 


Much like Marketplace, it’s direct to the public and can be narrowed to region (typically you’d have these items listed as pick up only; expensive cargo to haul!).

What it’s good for

It has much the same pros as Marketplace, though you will tend to get less pointless enquiries, and there is an instant secure payment system so you also don’t have to worry about waiting for payment. Also, if there are any discrepancies around payment, eBay has a pretty solid system in place to work with on any disputes.  


eBay can be a slower process than other platforms, and again like Marketplace you’re unlikely to get top dollar. If you add the auction function, while you might get a higher amount if there’s a bidding war, people will wait until the last minute to secure their bids, and that’s only if they remember and have their notifications on!

 Bricks and mortar retailers

Give Sutto’s a call if you’re looking to sell! We can help you get an idea of the market value, and our close connections to the community can help tee up sales if we hear of people seeking what you have on the grapevine. We can also talk about selling off parts that are in great condition.

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