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Sea-Doo vs. Boating: Choosing Your Ultimate Summer Watercraft


At Sutto's, we're experts in fun, and Sea-Doos redefine it.  Efficient, thrilling, and a gateway to aquatic adventures, it's your ideal partner for both excitement and exhilaration on the waves. While traditional boats have their perks, Sea-Doos offer unique advantages, blending exhilaration with unexpected benefits, perfect for your summer adventures.

Let's together explore the below categories and assess whether or not the Sea-Doo stands out as a top choice in the watercraft world (we swear we’re not going to be biassed)! 


When it comes to saving costs, the Sea-Doos reign supreme compared to alternative boating options. While there are entry level boating options, typically watersport boats can set you back around 100-200k. For a less expensive option, our high end Sea-Doos are significantly cheaper, and most importantly, are the best that the industry has to offer. 

When you ride away with a Sea-Doo, you know you’re riding away with the utmost quality. Pending on your budget, our Sea-Doos range from 14k-33k, perfect for all PWC rider levels. Whether you are an entry level beginner looking to get into PWCs, or are an experienced guro looking to glide across the entirety of the pacific ocean, Sutto’s has the perfect Sea-Doo for you!


One of the most common issues with purchasing a boat is having the available space to store your watercraft. Thankfully, our Sea-Doo options are the perfect solution for having a high quality watercraft that is also easily storable. Ideal for those with smaller spaces, Sea-Doos don’t require large garages and land area. 

Another additional benefit with Sea-Doos, is the ability to remove accessories such as seat covers, to further reduce the size and free up the space in your storage area. When it comes to storage, we think it’s clear as to which option is most efficient!


Cleaning a boat requires a lot of maintenance, which typically can be quite time consuming, especially if your boat is of a considerable size. Thankfully, whilst the Sea-Doo does need regular maintenance and routine cleaning, it is significantly less time consuming and requires a lot less hands-on effort. In turn, saving money on cleaning products and washing accessories is inevitable with a Sea-Doo. The costs of cleaning products can add up overtime, especially for larger boats like catamarans, yachts, and deck boats.


When it comes to performance, the Sea-Doo is your optimal watercraft for high speed and acceleration. While boating options can be beneficial for achieving an optimal cruiser speed over a longer distance, if it’s extreme speed you seek, then the Sea-Doo is the watercraft for you.

Our Sea-Doos can reach up to speeds of 125km/h, giving you an adrenaline rush unlike any other! We’re convinced that once you jump on a Sea-Doo, you won’t want to jump off… 

So, ready to add excitement and adrenaline to your summer routine? Talk to Sutto’s today! - 02 4737 9566.

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