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How much is a toro lawn mower? (And why it’s better to invest in quality)

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It’s the age old dilemma when buying, well, anything. You’ve got a budget you should be sticking to, but do you go for cheaper and risk paying more in the long run, or opt in for a bigger investment now and have a greater guarantee of reliability for the future. When it comes to mowers, we hear this a lot. Doing your lawn can be somewhat of a chore, so the idea of dropping big bucks on it is a bit less exciting than, say, on a Can-Am. But, we also know that great brands who do a superior job make mowing something you want to do. (If only to get the neighbours suspicious you’re hiring professionals to be the best on the street). That’s why we opted to stock the Toro. Quality has always been our priority, and when faced with the brands we could possibly take on, Toro was our clear pick. We can talk about its quality all day (and we’ll get onto that soon), but what’s the cost?

How much is a Toro mower?

It depends. Do you have a small yard or a few acres? The cost of your Toro will scale with its requirement to meet your needs. So, while there are Toro models, such as the Toro Z Master 6000 72" EFI, sitting around the $27,000 mark, you can also get a Toro 22" Personal Pace range starting at $795 ride away. We have over 30 models available at Sutto’s, with a wide range of price points to match your budget and needs.

Why should quality be a priority on a mower purchase?

Get a pro-finish

First up, you want your mower to produce a darn good yard. This means sharp blades, easy manoeuvrability, longer run time and general reliability. Brands such as Toro also invest heavily in innovations that make the efficacy of their mowers extremely high, including automated speed adjustments that are based on your walking speed (they won’t shoot off if you need to stop or slow down suddenly). 

Support local

Local businesses like Sutto’s will take a lot of time and care choosing the brands they stock, there isn’t the space, capability nor want to just mass provide quantity over quality. We go to great lengths personally overseeing and testing the brands we believe in, which means we won’t always stock the cheapest in market (unless it also happens to be the best) so you know that a local buy is a trusted buy. Aside from the quality of the product, you also receive the added bonus of ongoing maintenance services and general personalised customer care. 

It’ll just last you longer

If your yard is temporary and you plan on concreting over it all, go as cheap as you like. But if you plan on having a yard, of any size, for a longer period of time, purchasing a mower with a mildly higher upfront cost will be a saving in the long run. If looked after, they can last a lifetime. Newer models are also far lower on fuel and energy consumption; lasting longer, on less. 

Looking for a quality mower? Call Sutto’s today and our friendly team will help find the right one for you! 

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