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Need KTM spare parts? Read this first.

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Getting quality spare parts is just about as important as getting a quality KTM in the first place. There’s no point in buying a great bike if it’s just going to be degraded over time with sub-par bits and pieces (kind of like swapping your internal organs for ones less healthy than your own). We are just as passionate about supplying second-to-none parts and accessories as we are the KTMs. With that, we thought we’d delve a bit deeper into the spares world with a guide to getting great spare parts, how to cut through the crap and how to choose the right options for your needs, ability, experience and knowledge. 

Where is the best place to get spare parts?

Of course, Sutto’s! Look, we know we’re beating our drum here… But we also would never offer a service or product we didn’t think was the best in the market. It is part of the fabric of Sutto’s to have customer satisfaction in mind and that leaks into every single part of what we do. We can be a little quiet on the subject of spare parts and accessories, but it’s actually a big area of the Sutto’s service. We have a HUGE range of products that are categorised by every make and model we sell, plus we can source what you need and assist through the entire process. You can check out the full catalogue of our KTM spare parts and accessories here

Difference between genuine and non-genuine

When you’re on the hunt for spare parts, you will see that there are genuine and non-genuine, or aftermarket, options out there. If you’re a seasoned KTM owner, you’ll have a good grasp on what that is. However, if you’re new to it, it can be a little confusing. A part being ‘non-genuine’ doesn’t mean it won’t fulfil its purpose, it means that it has not been made by the manufacturer of that specific bike (KTM part made and designed for that KTM bike). It has instead been made by an aftermarket supplier, that can range from cheapies on marketplace or eBay, to more recognised and reliable brands. Genuine parts are an exact fit, replicated for each and every make and model, by the manufacturer who built the bikes they are for.

Benefits of genuine

Although you can get some decent spare parts and accessories with the aftermarket, it can take a lot of hits and misses that cost you time, money and patience. They can be slightly less expensive, but you’re risking some longer term expenses should a spare part not be the perfect fit, or not be made to last. 

Regarding fit, this is a huge benefit of genuine parts. Not only that it fits, but also that it’s so easy to find that perfect part. Every KTM has a vehicle identification number (VIN) and all parts made for that exact model will come up when you search yourself, or go through your supplier or manufacturer. Given that they’re made for the bike, they also protect your warranty. Aftermarket parts can immediately void your warranty, even if that part is not the cause of concern later down the road. Although aftermarket accessories can allow for more customisation options (colours etc.), they too can void your warranty if they’re a permanent fixture. 

You also can just have complete peace of mind with genuine parts. You want your KTM to be as close to new for as long as possible, and the best chance of that is having spare parts that are perfectly suited to your bike. 

How to choose the right spare parts for you

Choosing the right spare parts for you is more than literally finding the spare part you need to replace. You also have to think about the brand (as above), and how you can affix them to your KTM. If you are skilled enough to do it yourself, triple check that this does not hinder your warranty agreement. Then, if you’re right to go, you can use your VIN to search for the part, or use our spare parts finder to search make, model, year and diagram. 

If you don’t feel like you should be tinkering around with your KTM, you can contact Sutto’s to have it installed professionally (which may well be a requirement of your warranty).

Looking for a spare part? Check out Sutto’s Power Parts here

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