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Thrill-Seeker's Guide: Summer Dirt Biking Destinations and Tips


Australia is such a top place to live if adventure runs through your veins. It is a natural theme park for riders who are in their element with the throttle under hand and a range of terrain under foot (or, wheel). Vast and diverse, it’s a dirt biker’s dream. From coastal tracks to rugged outback red dust-flicking fun, we’ve got the ultimate guide to where to explore for a summer of dirt biking adventure around the country, plus the tips to keep you safe and sustained.

Victorian High Country, Victoria

Victoria High Country is an awesome dirt biking destination, especially for seasoned riders looking for diverse and challenging terrain. Some key destinations are:

  • Buffalo National Park and Alpine National park have a stack of alpine view-rich tracks

  • Blue Rag Range for a rocky adventure

  • Multiple river crossings 

  • Pick literally any track in this area and you’re guaranteed a view

The dirt biking trails here can cater to all skill levels, though prepare for altitude adjustments if that’s something you are unfamiliar with. As a rider, the environment comes first. We always strongly encourage respecting the delicate alpine region by staying on designated trails, following Leave No Trace principles, and adhering to any local regulations. Whether you're looking for a thrilling off-road challenge or a serene ride through stunning natural landscapes, the Victorian High Country has something to offer every dirt biking lover.

Hot tips: Check weather conditions, as alpine weather can be unpredictable! Also, take a couple of visits at gradually higher altitudes to make sure you’re ready for it. 

Cape York Peninsula, Queensland

The Cape York Peninsula is ideal for adventurous and remote riding. Its tropical rainforests, river crossings, and challenging trails, making it one of the most iconic off-road riding destinations in Australia. The best areas to ride are:

  • The Old Telegraph Track for challenging and fun river crossings, mud holes and incredible views

  • Frenchman’s Track for rainforest, mud, sand and… yeah look, there are crocs around here, and we don’t mean the shoe. They typically keep their distance, but it’s probably the last thing you want surprising you! 

A summer adventure in Cape York should be well-prepared for remote riding conditions. Plan for river crossings, as some tracks become impassable during the wet season (November to April). Safety precautions, such as thorough bike maintenance, communication devices, and first-aid kits are also crucial.

Hot tip: Plan your trip carefully; carry extra fuel, supplies, and camping gear, as accommodations can be limited. Take a flare and be as prepared as possible for river crossings and changing weather conditions.

Blue Mountains, New South Wales

The Blue Mountains offers riders a wide range of experiences, from cruising through eucalyptus forests to tackling challenging rocky trails and navigating sandstone cliffs. Its dirt biking trails give riders access to some stunning World Heritage-listed areas. With its cool climate and scenic viewpoints, the Blue Mountains is an ideal summer escape for dirt bikers looking to beat the heat while enjoying the thrill of off-road riding.

While planning a dirt biking adventure in the Blue Mountains, be mindful of trail closures and fire bans, especially during summer when dry conditions can increase fire risks. It's crucial to respect the local flora and fauna and adhere to park regulations and signage.

Hot tip: Take snack supplies, and gear that might feel too warm or too cool for the temperature you left at home. It’s several degrees colder and hotter depending on the day than what’s in typical residential areas. Just be prepared for all conditions. And be open to new adventures! There are a stack of track networks out that way. 

Flinders Ranges, South Australia

The Flinders Ranges is rugged with a combination of rocky outcrops, dry riverbeds, and vast expanses of desert. It’s a pretty unique off-road experience. Its main trails are:

  • The Mawson Trail: remote regional track that traverses forests, historic towns and farmland.

  • Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary: The sanctuary's terrain varies from challenging rocky trails to sandy tracks, river crossings, and steep ascents. 

Preparation for this area is essential due to the remote and sometimes harsh conditions. You should carry extra fuel and supplies, as services and accommodations can be limited. It’s a remote and protected area, rich with Indigenous heritage and wildlife, so adhere to Leave No Trace principles. Exploring the Flinders Ranges on a dirt bike is an adventure like no other, and a change to experience Australia's rugged outback in a very unique way.

Hot tip: Be as self-sufficient as possible with navigation tools, extra fuel and supplies, communication devices, and first-aid equipment for the isolated environment. 

Perth Hills, Western Australia

Perth Hills has, as the name suggests, rolling hills. Additionally, expect lush forests, and scenic viewpoints, offering an amazing backdrop for off-roading. The best areas are:

  • The Powerline Track: challenging sections and opportunities for riders to test their skills. 

  • Perth Hills Off Road Vehicle Area: a network of designated trails catering to various skill levels.

On these trails, it's important to be aware of local regulations and trail etiquette. Check for fire restrictions and adhere to any safety guidelines, as this region can be prone to bushfires. With its accessible location from the city and a wide range of trails to choose from, Perth Hills is hugely popular for keen off-roaders, while still not feeling crowded. 

Hot tips: Follow local trail etiquette and be cautious of other trail users like hikers and mountain bikers (it’s popular for them too!). 

  • Keen to ride this summer but need a new ride? Check out our dirt bike range today!

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Thrill-Seeker's Guide: Summer Dirt Biking Destinations and Tips


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