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Toro MX4275 42" Deck TimeCutter MyRide

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Model: 75745. You work too hard to let your lawn dictate your leisure schedule. Get serious comfort and a beautiful cut with Toro's 42" TimeCutter.

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 POWER_EQUIPMENT TORO ZERO_TURN_MOWERS TIMECUTTER_HD 75745-42in_myride-toro-timecutter-34r-low-co19_4331s-1600x1369


Combining a perfect blend of manoeuvrability and power, this mower makes quick work of the toughest tasks. And you'll enjoy luxury comfort when the ride gets rocky with the MyRIDE® Suspension System that saves your body from the toughest terrain.

IronForged Deck

Toro IronForged™ fabricated deck ensures years of reliability and top performance.

MyRIDE® Suspension System

No more rocky rides. Save your body from the toughest terrain and avoid slow mowing speeds with the MyRIDE® Suspension System. Enjoy a more comfortable ride, keeping you productive and feeling fresh.

Smart Speed® Control - Trim, Tow, Mow

Toro’s Smart Speed® control system lets you choose from three ground speed ranges for optimal performance. Use low TRIM range to trim closer for maximum time savings, choose medium TOW range for towing attachments, or select high MOW range to mow large open areas and finish quickly.

Toolless Oil Change

Spend less time maintaining your mower with toolless oil change and filter.

3-Year Limited Warranty - No Hour Limitations

Product is warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for three years without an hour limitation.

Toolless Belt Cover

Simply unlatch the belt cover and easily sweep away debris to prevent deck corrosion and belt wear.

Handcrafted Seat with Arm Rests

Ride in style with a handcrafted high-back seat with arm rests that provides the ultimate in padding and back support.

Wet Spray Blocking Fenders

Shield your engine from tyre spray and avoid backsplash on you with protective tyre fenders.


Commercial DNA courses through these machines' veins with the same technology professionals depend on. Get a beautiful, professional-looking lawn.

Technical Specifications

Warranty & Dimensions

3-year / unlimited hour residential warranty
3-year / 300-hour commercial engine warranty***

***See retailer for warranty details.

107 cm
Minimum Gate Width (deflector up)
Deflector Down: 136.0 cm (53.6 inches). Deflector Up: 110.0 cm (43.4 inches).
190.5 cm (75.0 inches).
111.8 cm (44.0 inches).
Fuel Tank Capcacity
Net Weight
267.2 kg (589.0 lbs.)


Toro LC2P77F, Spec 139-0602 (original), 139-0603 (service), 18.3 kW (24.5 hp), 708 cc, overhead valve, V-twin (cast iron sleeves) single camshaft, air cooled engine with full pressure lubrication and full flow oil filter. High idle speed set at 3,300 +/- 100 rpm. Standard style paper / foam air cleaner fitted, Optional Canister style available as an accessory.


Riveted and bolted 10 gauge steel.

Height of Cut

3.8 cm to 11.4 cm (1.5 to 4.5 inches), adjusts in seven increments.

Deck Size

106.7 cm (42.0 inch).

Deck Configuration

Right side discharge, mid mounted rotary. Fabricated 10 gauge steel deck with welded reinforcements, mounting brackets and gauge wheel brackets. Frame supported. Left and right front mounted anti-scalp rollers with four height positions.


Front – 11 x 4.0-5, 2 ply, smooth tread, pneumatic.

Rear – 18 x 7.5-8, 4 ply, turf tread, pneumatic.

Hydro Drive Unit

Dual Hydro-gear ZT-2100 hydrostatic transaxles, belt drive with self-tensioning system.

Ground Speed

High: 0 to 11.3 km/h (0 to 7.0 mph). 

Medium: 0 to 8.9 km/h (0 to 5.5 mph). 

Low: 0 to 6.4 km/h (0 to 4.0 mph). 

Reverse: 0 to 4.4 km/h (0 to 3.5 mph).

We offer specialised and professional servicing

Our factory trained technicians understand how valuable your time is and ensure top-level maintenance and repairs for your valued vehicle, along with a variety of specialised work.

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