woman riding jet ski in a river near sydney woman riding jet ski in a river near sydney
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Best Places to Jet Ski in Sydney


We’ve got one word to say for summer being mere days away… Yiew!! We’ve never been so stoked for summer, and we’re itching to jump on our PWCs and ham it up on the water once again. So, where are the best places to jet ski in and around Sydney, NSW? 

We’ve had a little time to really think about it this year, and got the Sutto’s team to start listing their absolute favourite places to head, in driving distance, to jump on the PWC over summer. Here’s our hit list! 

Hawkesbury River

This is one killer location as a picturesque backdrop for your jet skiing this summer. On the north edge of Sydney, it’s an incredible spot, with wide riverbanks and plenty to take in around you. Whether it’s all about the ride for you (there’s a stack of space to make the most of), or you also want to enjoy the wildlife, islands and landscape around you, it’s hard not to be cliche and say that the Hawkesbury River is everything you want, and more. 

In fact, you could go every second day and feel like you’re having a brand new experience. It can get busy though, with fellow PWC’ers, water skiers, boaters and wildlife you want to keep safe. And don’t forget – you must be 200m off-shore to practice irregular riding, so if you’re heading from Windsor, you need to get up past Wisemans Ferry to irregularly ride or Maritime will be pulling you up!

Paradise Café, Lower Portland

On the banks of the Hawkesbury River, Paradise Café is an awesome little restaurant and the perfect stop for lunch or an early dinner in Summer. These guys suffered badly in the March 2021 floods, going completely underwater, and they have rebuilt for Summer so there is no better time to get out and support a local small business. With tie up points and a jetty to pull up to, a great atmosphere and epic pizzas, this is one of the best spots on the Hawkesbury for a jet ski and pitstop.

Sydney Waterways

Although we can’t hit the water on our jet skis in the Sydney Harbour (we get why, but how epic to ride under Harbour Bridge. Ahh well), there are heaps of spots close by that are equally as beautiful. If you’ve got a boat, you can head to Beauty Point and take in the aptly titled area. However, as it is boat heavy, you just have to be a little more hyper aware of your surroundings and the movements of the boats and water ferries.

Lake Macquarie 

Alright, we’re taking some creative licence on a few of these for ‘Sydney’, but a small drive is more than worth it for a great spot to enjoy your PWC. Lake Mac is the Southern Hemisphere’s largest saltwater coastal lake, making it perfect for PWC riding (you really can’t beat space for a top benefit). 

It’s around a 90 minute drive from Sydney, and super easy to get in and out of. Given you’ve already taken the drive, it’s worth making a day of it and hitting up the Lake Macquarie Variety Playground at Speers Point (with or without kids; good walk around the area and great coffee). 

Shoalhaven River

Now we’re heading south! Shoalhaven River is hugely popular as a PWC destination, for good reason. From beginners to professionals, heading out on your PWC there is a total thrill, while being a safe (if you’re safe) space to get that adrenaline pumping. 

There are ski schools that can help you out if you’re pretty new to PWC life, and it’s well worth it if it’s going to be your go-to hobby over summer (we also strongly recommend this). Keep an eye out for kayaks and canoes, too, as they equally love the body of water. 

Cooks River

A lot of effort and money has recently gone into rejuvenating Cooks River into an incredible place to spend time. With a focus on a safe community area to enjoy a stack of outdoor activities, it’s a cool place to take your PWC that’s really pretty close to Sydney. There are some great ski schools around if you’re not completely confident on the (somewhat) open water. You can even hire if you’re still in the deciding phase of being a PWC owner.

Nepean River, Penrith

The boat ramp at Tench Reserve is new and it’s making riding out on the Nepean River even easier (it includes a three-lane boat ramp. Heaven). It’s a wide river with plenty of space to share the water and incredible scenery that can only be seen from the water. It’s also the perfect place to take a picnic lunch and turn a regular day into a magic day. 

Ready to make your summer one to remember? Talk to our friendly Sutto’s team today about our PWC watersports range, and how you can get your hands on one just in time for our favourite season.

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