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Five Options for Financing your New Ride (So you can Ride Away Faster!)

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So you’ve decided on your dream bike or offroad vehicle, but haven’t got the funds yet? Here is how you can ride away with your bike faster!

Many people don’t realise that applying for finance is a relatively simple process that can be completed in our dealership to enable you to get hold of your new vehicle faster. As a relatively small secured loan we can get finance pre-approval in less than 24 hours with settlement as quick as the following business day. Here are your options:

Option One – Polaris 4.99% ABN Holder Offer

Polaris have launched a new highly competitive finance offer of 4.99% per annum for 36-48 months to ABN Holders. This offer includes everything in the Polaris range except the 450cc quads and youth products. All that is required is a clear credit history for the prior 3 years and simply filling out a single form in-store or at home to be returned to us. A Polaris RZR Turbo S with a $5000 deposit over 4 years will work out to be approximately $148/week. Any size deposit can be put down, or zero deposit if you wish.

Option Two – Toro Skye Mastercard 0% Interest Offer

Toro has launched it’s spring sale offer with an incredible 1000 days interest free on selected vehicles. This application is applicable to non-ABN holders only and you can apply in-store or online and finalise your application at home. Ride-On Zero-Turn Mowers can be taken home for as little as $38 per week, whilst a Walk-Behind Mower can be financed interest free for 6 months for as little as $25 per week. View the Toro Catalogue to see the entire offer.

 POWER_EQUIPMENT TORO Torospringcataloguewebanner
Toro Spring Offer

Option Three – Our Everyday Finance Options

Even when there is no promotional finance offer both BOQ Finance and Australian Motorcycle & Marine Finance (AMMF) offer simple finance solutions, generally ranging from 8.95-10.95% interest rates for up to five years, which is applicable on our entire new vehicle range from all three brands. This process involves filling in some personal details, calculating your spending/expenses and sharing 2 of your most recent consecutive payslips and the front page of your bank statement. If you are self-employed trade the payslips for your latest Notice of Assessment from the tax office and your application is ready for processing.

Option Four – Used Vehicles

Don’t let the option of buying a Used Vehicle scare you off from using finance! Most finance companies are happy to finance a used vehicle, but require a deposit. On average this is approximately 10% of the sale value, with the same process as the everyday finance options when applying.

Option Five – Don’t Forget Your Accessories!

When financing a vehicle don’t forget that you can finance more than just the vehicle itself! Accessories, gear and insurance can be added to your finance contract. A general rule for pricing and repayments on accessories is for every $1000 worth of accessories you spend your repayment will increase by approximately $5 per week. This makes that Akro pipe on your KTM or upgraded wheels & tyres on your Polaris RZR a lot more affordable!

With any finance contract it is important to read all the terms and conditions – you can contact us in store for details on any of the finance options you have read about here or enquire with us for a quote on your next new (or used) ride!

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