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Why you should buy a KTM motorcycle this summer


This summer is a special one. We can feel it in the air already. It’s been a rough couple of years, but now that unique feeling of freedom summer brings has some extra meaning. We can actually head out to distances further than 5km, and get back to our real lives. For us, that isn’t complete until we’ve jumped back on the KTM and felt that familiar hit of adrenaline with every rev. With that, we thought we’d list the top reasons to get in on the KTM action this summer.

What you get with a KTM

There’a a reason KTM motorcycles have such a good rep; they’re a reliable, quality bike that are pretty easy to maintain and are suitable for novice and seasoned riders. KTMs are lightweight and improved their engines in 2019 to ensure more efficient performance. They offer a smooth steering experience with longer subframes, excellent suspension settings and, importantly, have a great radiator and cooling system. Essentially, they’re an easy ride, that doesn’t sacrifice enjoyment to get there. These things make it exactly the kind of bike you want to get a lot of use out of, and make the most of your summer ride experience. As an added bonus, they offer great value for money. 

Get adventurous

Now you’ve got the specs of the bike itself, let’s get to why you want to be riding this summer. Of course, if you’re not new to the activity, you’re missing it as much as we are and don’t need a lot of convincing. But to be honest, we will make up any excuse to get talking about it. 

The best part of a KTM is the adventure it brings everyone who rides it. There are very few feelings of freedom that beat heading out for an off-road road, or even an on-road, ride. The KTM is really made for you being able to choose your own adventure; its capacity to hit turns with precision and has suspension that shows its value on rougher terrain, while also being road-worthy means you can decide as you go. It’s comfortable wherever you ride, meaning you get longevity, spontaneity and reliability, rolled into one bike. 

Hang out with mates, finally! 

This year, this means more than ever. While the KTM experience can be a great way to clear your head away from the noise of life, it’s equally an adventure ride that’s epic when shared. The second your status for being able to head out gets a green light, have a ride date set with your mates. Your KTM, currently owned or about to be owned, is waiting patiently. Get sorted for a day of off-road riding, and start recouping the time taken away from us in the memory-making bank. 

Ready to jump on a KTM? Call our team today!

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