2025 KTM 125 SX

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There are very few sounds that can't be beaten. The crack of a soda can on a blistering hot day.

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 MOTORCYCLES KTM MOTOCROSS MY25 125SX 579818_MY25-KTM-125 SX-90-right_Studio_03_STUDIO


The ping of the perfectly executed golf shot. And the scream of a 125 cc 2-stroke charging down a long straightaway. The 2025 KTM 125 SX takes its leads directly from the Factory Racing team and puts them to work like nothing else. Like the sound it makes, it cannot be beaten.


Designed to churn out torque the 2025 KTM 125 SX is set to continue its dominance in its class with unrelenting forward momentum. With an overall engine weight of just 17.86 kg and impressive horsepower figures, this lightweight powerplant retains its typical high-revving character, while laying down the grunt where its matters most.

Selectable Maps

Once again slicing into the 125cc class with the leading edge of technology, the 2025 KTM 125 SX features a map selecting switch allowing the racer to switch between 2 engine maps. The White Map (Map 1) provides linear, predictable power delivery ideally suited to attach hard-packed dirt with a leaner air-fuel mixture. Alternatively, the Green Map (Map 2) is tuned for loose, thick sandy conditions with a richer mix.

EFI + Power Valve

With EFI comes great rideability. Along with electronic fuel injection is an electronic power valve on the KTM 125 SX, allowing for more usable power throughout the rev range. Smoother power means better traction. Better traction means holeshot heaven!


Upgraded tank shrouds using bi-compound plastics channel air towards the radiators more effectively, while a new fuel tank roll, makes for a tighter, more secure fitment, reducing the chance of frame scrubbing and dramatically improving durability. All this works alongside the specially-developed rider triangle, to provide unmatched knee contact and gripping surfaces - especially when standing on the pegs.

 MOTORCYCLES KTM MOTOCROSS MY25 125SX 579816_MY25-KTM-125 SX-90-left_Studio_03_STUDIO

Technical Specifications


 MOTORCYCLES KTM MOTOCROSS MY25 125SX 438377_125 SX_XC Engine Clutch-Side_EU_ Global_Details_Parts_STUDIO

124.8 cm³
1-cylinder, 2-stroke engine
54 mm
54.5 mm
Electric starter
6-speed with Wet multi-disc DS clutch, Brembo hydraulics


Front Suspension
WP XACT-USD (AER), Ø 48 mm
Rear Suspension
WP XACT Monoshock with linkage
Suspension Travel
310mm (F) 300mm (R)


Front Brake
Disc Brake
Rear Brake
Disc Brake
Ground Clearance
359 mm
Seat Height
958 mm
Tank Capacity
7.2 l
Dry Weight
92.4 kg

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