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Introducing the awesome MC-E 3! Designed to be a more budget-friendly way of getting into the offroad world, make no mistake, it's assembled with the same passion and quality parts as all other bikes in the GASGAS line-up.

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 MOTORCYCLES GasGas MY24 MINI 39030_MC-E390deriMY2023


Easy to ride and personalise thanks to six different power modes and an adjustable seat height, this lightweight, battery-powered dirt shredder instils confidence in all young riders as they quickly get to grips with learning the fundamentals of riding motocross. And it produces next to no noise, and certainly no carbon emissions, which means fun times without disturbing the neighbours!


The MC-E 3 is the deal! It’s a fully-fledged offroad bike designed for the next wave of fresh talent looking to get their riding career off to super-fun start, as well as those kids that just fancy whizzing around with their buddies. Built with a strong and durable frame, quality WP suspension, and a long list of high level components, the GASGAS MC-E 3 is the best bike to enter the world of offroad fun.


Stable at speed and super easy to corner, our engineers designed the MC-E 3 frame to give all youngsters total control. Made from chromoly steel, it’s strong, lightweight, and finished with a cool and durable GASGAS red powder coating that really does look the business.


Smooth and powerful, the 3.8kW motor is super compact and the perfect fit for our smaller chassis. The air-cooled, permanent magnet electric motor is resistant to dust and water as well as being maintenance-free! Guaranteeing direct, but very controllable, power is the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) while the Control Center offers six different ride modes to further customise the delivery.


Mistakes happen while learning to ride, which is all part of the fun! But to make things as safe as possible, the MC-E 3 has a roll-over sensor that stops the motor if the bike hits the deck. There’s also a lanyard attached to the rider’s wrist and in the event of a fall, this stops the motor. A final layer of safety is the dongle located under the seat. This little device overrides the Control Center and saves the selected ride mode, which prevents excitable youngsters from changing to a more powerful setting before they’re ready for it.

 MOTORCYCLES GasGas MY24 MINI 39032_MC-E3frontriMY2023

Technical Specifications

Control Centre

 MOTORCYCLES GasGas MY24 MINI 39033_MC-E3ModeSelectSwitchMY2023

Some call this a multifunctional instrument but we like to call it the Control Centre! Its where you can toggle through and activate one of six pre-installed ride modes based on rider ability, from pure beginners all the way through to those competing in the European Junior E-Motocross series. At a glance you'll be able to see the remaining battery level too.

Rated Output
2 kW / 3,200 rpm
10.5 nM
Traction Battery
Battery Capacity
21 Ah
Rated Voltage
48 V
Charging time 100%
60 min
Charging Time 80%
45 min
Electric Motor
48 V BLDC Motor with outer rotor


Air cooled.


Rear Suspension
WP Mono Shock
Suspension Travel
144mm (F) 133mm (R)
Front Brake
Disc Brake
Rear Brake
Disc Brake
Ground Clearance
Seat Height
Tank Capacity
No Need!


We've kitted out the MC E-3 with strong and reliable 10" wheels. The Maxxis tires provide maximum traction on any riding surface. 

We offer specialised and professional servicing

Our factory trained technicians understand how valuable your time is and ensure top-level maintenance and repairs for your valued vehicle, along with a variety of specialised work.

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